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Keith Rocco. the historical art prints of Keith Rocco, of the American Civil war, Napoleonic and Rorke,s Drift, many of which are sold out limited editions.. Keith Rocco must certainly rate as one of the US major Historical and military artist of today. His meticulous research and eye for detail  has built him a reputation amongst print  and original collectors and  many of his paintings hang in collections across the Us. including  The Andrew Mellon Foundation, The Pentagon. Gettysburg National Park, , National Guard Heritage Collection and many others. 

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The Great Gate of Hougoumont by Keith Rocco.

The Great Gate of Hougoumont by Keith Rocco.

Anchoring the Anglo-Allied right center, the formidable chateau of Hougoumont has become synonymous with the Battle of Waterloo. It was here that the French army - driven by its institutional memory grounded in victories which saw Napoleonic soldiers defeat other armies while carrying such celebrated defensive positions as the Abbey of Elchingen and the Castle of Ebelsberg -- met a foe of a more determined mettle. Time and again, French attacks swept forward in vain attempts to capture Hougoumont which, if successful, would have opened the covered way into the heart of Wellingtons position. The closest the French came to capturing the chateau was their second assault, spearheaded by Colonel Cubieres 1st Legere. Although Cubieres was wounded and thrown off his horse just outside the chateaus great gate, the assault was sustained by sous-lieutenant Legros. Wielding a pioneers ax, and though facing a hail of bullets, Legros, nicknamed lEnforceur, broke open the barrier and forced his way.........

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Item Code : KR0011The Great Gate of Hougoumont by Keith Rocco. - Editions Available
PRINTSigned limited edition of 500 prints.
Full Item Details
Image size 24 inches x 16.5 inches (61cm x 42cm)Artist : Keith RoccoSOLD

The Last Full Measure, 1st Minnesota Regiment at Gettysburg by Keith Rocco.

The Last Full Measure, 1st Minnesota Regiment at Gettysburg by Keith Rocco.

General Winfield Scott Hancock, commander of the Union Second Corps was trying to avert a disaster on the Union center. The exposed Third Corps was overrun and fleeing the battlefield, with the victorious Confederates in pursuit. This breakthrough opened an avenue to the Union rear that threatened the whole army. Hancock needed men to buy him time to bring reinforcements up to plug the gap in the Federal line. The general observed a body of men lying in a slight hollow, just behind the crest of Cemetery Ridge, to the left of the cemetery. He spurred his horse to this position. Hancock spied Colonel William Colvills 1st Minnesota Infantry, 1st brigade, 2nd division, Second Corps. These men were in reserve, but they had been watching the battle unfold through the dense clouds of gunsmoke that clung to the ground on this sultry summer day. The 1st Minnesota was understrength, shouldering but 262 muskets this day. The regiment had been bloodied on every field, from First Bull Run through .........

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Item Code : KR0006The Last Full Measure, 1st Minnesota Regiment at Gettysburg by Keith Rocco. - Editions Available
PRINT Signed limited edition og 500 prints.
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Image size 24 inches x 17 inches (61cm x 43cm)Artist : Keith Rocco£135.00


Hommage a Cesar, Tribute to Caesar by Keith Rocco.

Hommage a Cesar, Tribute to Caesar by Keith Rocco.

One secondary market print available, numbered 403 / 450.
Item Code : AX0017Hommage a Cesar, Tribute to Caesar by Keith Rocco. - Editions Available
PRINT Signed limited edition of 450 prints.
Full Item Details
Image size 29 inches x 22 inches (74cm x 56cm)Artist : Keith Rocco£410.00


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