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Battleship Bismarck by Simon Atack. (AP)- Military Art Company Com
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Battleship Bismarck by Simon Atack. (AP)

Battleship Bismarck by Simon Atack. (AP)

With her raked bo proudly slicing through the morning swell of Norwegian waters, the mighty 41,000 ton battleship Bismarck leads her consort, the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, with destroyers Z10, Z16 and Z23 among her escorts, into the approaches to Korsfjord near Bergen, at 0800hrs on 21st May 1941. Aboard, Bismarcks captain Ernst Lindemann was plotting a voyage that was to result in one of the greatest epics in the annals of naval warfare. As they steam towards Grimstadtfjord, an Arado Ar196A-2 floatplane gives a fly-by salute to the flotilla, this aircraft serving with I./Bordfliegerstaffel 195 which, together with 5./196 was responsible for providing aircraft for German naval vessels. Operated by Luftwaffe crews, and affectionately known as Eyes of the Fleet, the Arado 196 was specially designed for shipboard operation - with an airframe sturdy enought to withstand the rigours of catapult launching it was a highly effective armed Recce aircraft. Bismarck carried no fewer than four Arado 196 floatplanes, one always at readiness on the catapult, with three hangared aft of the funnel. As she sailed, a reconnaissance Spitfire had spotted Bismarcks movements and the British Home Fleet were alerted. The old battlecruiser Hood and new battleship Prince of Wales were despatched north-west from Scapa Flow to join the cruisers Norfolk and Suffolk in the Denmark Strait for a possible interception. And the rest is history: as Bismarck entered the Denmark Strait the two forces met. Hood, pride of the Royal Navy, received a direct hit in the ammunition magazin by a shell from Bismarck and sank so quickly that only three of her crew survived. Stunned by such severe loss, Churchill ordered the Bismarck to be sunk at all cost. Hunted down by the Home Fleet, with her rudder damaged and unable to steer, Bismarck was reduced to a mass of twisted steel by British naval gunfire, finally rolling over and sinking at 10.45 in the morning of the 27th of May. Thus ended one of the most compelling sea chases in naval history. The magnificent German battleship Bismarck at the outset of her final voyage, just five days before her fateful encounter with the British Home Fleet in the north Atlantic, May 1941.
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Item Code : DHM2612APBattleship Bismarck by Simon Atack. (AP) - This Edition
Limited edition of 25 artist proofs, with 3 signatures.

SOLD OUT (£150, December 2009)
Print paper size 31 inches x 23.5 inches (79cm x 60cm) Peters, Otto
Kuhnt, Heinrich
Treinis, Willi
+ Artist : Simon Atack

Signature(s) value alone : £140
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Other editions of this item : Battleship Bismarck by Simon Atack.DHM2612
PRINT Signed limited edition of 500 prints, with 3 signatures. Print paper size 31 inches x 23.5 inches (79cm x 60cm) Peters, Otto
Kuhnt, Heinrich
Treinis, Willi
+ Artist : Simon Atack

Signature(s) value alone : £140
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FLYER Simon Atack Promotional Flyer. A4 Size Double Sheet 11.5 inches x 8 inches (30m x 21cm) noneAdd any two items on this offer to your basket, and the lower priced item will be half price in the checkout!£2.00VIEW EDITION...
Signed limited edition of 500 prints, with 3 signatures.

Print paper size 31 inches x 23.5 inches (79cm x 60cm) Peters, Otto
Kuhnt, Heinrich
Treinis, Willi
+ Artist : Simon Atack

Signature(s) value alone : £140

Now : £200.00VIEW EDITION...
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Extra Details : Battleship Bismarck by Simon Atack. (AP)
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Signatures on this item
*The value given for each signature has been calculated by us based on the historical significance and rarity of the signature. Values of many pilot signatures have risen in recent years and will likely continue to rise as they become more and more rare.

The signature of Maschinenobergefreiter Otto Peters (deceased)

Maschinenobergefreiter Otto Peters (deceased)
*Signature Value : £50

Born 8th May 1919, Otto Peters joined the Kriegsmarine in April 1939. Posted to Bismarck, he was one of the first to join the crew at the Blohm and Voss shipyard in his hometown of Hamburg. As a leading stoker, Otto was on fire-watch when he heard over the tannoy that the Royal Navy had “undertaken all necessary efforts to sink the Bismarck”, and recalls that he knew at once their days were numbered. Otto was picked up after the sinking by the Cruiser HMS Dorsetshire, there were just 115 survivors from the crew of over 2000. Otto Peters died in December 2013.

The signature of Matrosengefreiter Willi Treinis (deceased)

Matrosengefreiter Willi Treinis (deceased)
*Signature Value : £45

Born 9th February 1922, Willi was called up into the Kriegsmarine in 1940. After the training he was posted to join his first, and only ship, the Bismarck, where he served in the ship’s 15 cm artillery and ammunition magazine, until she was sunk on 27th May 1941. One of a tiny handful of men from the magazines to survive to survive, Willi spent the remainder of the war as a POW.

The signature of Unteroffizier Heinrich Kuhnt (deceased)

Unteroffizier Heinrich Kuhnt (deceased)
*Signature Value : £45

Born 22nd April 1917, Heinrich joined the cruiser Karlsruhe in July 1937, and served on her until she was put out of action by the submarine HMS Truant in Kristians and Fjord. He was immediately sent to join the Bismarck, serving as a Petty Officer in the turbine room, and with Otto Peters he was picked up by the cruiser HMS Dorsetshire. He remained in captivity until the end of the war. Heinrich Kuhnt was at his battle station, the Portside Turbine Compartment, during Bismarck's final fight on 27th May 1941. Kuhnt participated in the planting of scuttling charges on the cooling water intakes before abandoning the Bismarck. Kuhnt was one one of the 25 sailors rescued by the destroyer, HMS Maori. He was imprisoned in England for almost a year then sent to Canada. He remained there until the end of the war. After the war Heinrich Kuhnt started working for the Max Mueller Company until retiring in 1980. Heinrich Kuhnt sadly died on the 11th of July 2010 in Hannover at the age of 93 years.
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