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Advance from Utah by Simon Smith. (B)- Military Art Company Com
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Advance from Utah by Simon Smith. (B)

Advance from Utah by Simon Smith. (B)

It had been a rough ride for the men of 101st Airborne's Easy Company. With heavy flak tearing into the C-47s carrying the paratroopers inland, the original drop plans had gone horribly awry and the men found themselves scattered, many lost without weapons or supplies. They knew that the largest amphibious force in history would be landing on Utah Beach in only a few hours, and was counting on them to secure the area behind the beach. As the Allied landing approached, First Lieutenant Dick Winters and the small force of the dozen men he had managed to gather were ordered to take a battery of four German 105mm Howitzers at Brecourt Manor, which were zeroed in on Utah Beach. In a remarkable feat of tactics that would be studied and emulated for decades to come, Dick Winters and his tiny force destroyed not only the battery, but also the deadly machine-gun positions nearby. The latest composition from celebrated military artist Simon Smith, Advance from Utah, captures both the triumph and foreboding of the moment following this brilliant move: With the German positions smoldering behind them, Winters and his men gaze thoughtfully into the horizon and their next objective, realizing that for them the war is only beginning.
AMAZING VALUE! - The value of the signatures on this item is in excess of the price of the print itself!
Item Code : DHM6346BAdvance from Utah by Simon Smith. (B) - This Edition
PRESENTATIONTribute edition of 10 prints, supplied with companion original pencil drawing.

Paper size 28 inches x 19 inches (72cm x 48cm) Lewis, Damian
Guarnere, William
McClung, Earl (companion print)
Compton, Buck (matted on companion print)
Guth, Forrest (matted on companion print)
Malarkey, Donald (matted on companion print)
+ Artist : Simon Smith

Signature(s) value alone : £95
All prices on our website are displayed in British Pounds Sterling

Other editions of this item : Advance from Utah by Simon Smith.DHM6346
PRINTSigned limited edition of 250 prints. Paper size 28 inches x 19 inches (72cm x 48cm) Lewis, Damian
Guarnere, William
+ Artist : Simon Smith

Signature(s) value alone : £40
£50 Off!
Supplied with one or more free art prints!
Now : £190.00VIEW EDITION...
Limited edition of 50 artist proofs. Paper size 28 inches x 19 inches (72cm x 48cm) Lewis, Damian
Guarnere, William
+ Artist : Simon Smith

Signature(s) value alone : £40
£50 Off!
Supplied with one or more free art prints!
Now : £250.00VIEW EDITION...
REMARQUELimited edition of 15 remarques. Paper size 28 inches x 19 inches (72cm x 48cm) Lewis, Damian
Guarnere, William
+ Artist : Simon Smith

Signature(s) value alone : £40
£350.00VIEW EDITION...
General descriptions of types of editions :

Extra Details : Advance from Utah by Simon Smith. (B)
About this edition :

The matted original drawing

About all editions :

Bill Guarnere signing the prints

Damian Lewis signing the prints

Signatures on this item
*The value given for each signature has been calculated by us based on the historical significance and rarity of the signature. Values of many pilot signatures have risen in recent years and will likely continue to rise as they become more and more rare.

Cpl Forrest Guth
*Signature Value : £10 (matted)

Coming down, I had a malfunction of my parachute. It was twisted. The chute had not been properly packed. Or maybe it had been packed in damp conditions. We had not jumped high enough to be able to use the reserve. We had jumped under 500 feet. So my main chute opened but didn't open completely. You try to shake out the twist if you can, but there's so little time. I couldn't do a lot and came down fast. I just hoped for the best. I hit with a thud. I hit on my left hip and back and was knocked out. I don’t remember much, just hitting hard and seeing stars. I was paralyzed in leg and back. I couldn't move. Medics came along, gave me a shot of morphine, and put me in a cattle barn. That was the extent of my fighting in Holland.

Damian Lewis
*Signature Value : £20

Actor who portrayed Major Dick Winters in the series Band of Brothers.

Lieutenant Buck Compton (deceased)
*Signature Value : £15 (matted)

S/Sgt Earl McClung
*Signature Value : £15

E Company, 101st Airborne. Kaprun, Austria—I thought I had died and gone to heaven there. My job was to hunt and feed the prisoners that the Germans had taken for slave labor who were incarcerated there. The prisoners were freed by then but they had no place to go. I think they were Polish and Romanian mostly. The job fell to us to feed them. I fed them stag and chamois (goats with little hooked horns) until they were coming out of the ears. So I finally got to do some hunting like I enjoyed. I just camped out. [My outfit] saw me maybe once or twice a week.

Sergeant Donald Malarkey
*Signature Value : £15 (matted)

Staff Sergeant William Guarnere
*Signature Value : £20

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